This collection of tools was developed in the Databased infrastructure for global game culture reasearch (diggr) group at the University Library in Leipzig. Being a collection means, that these helpers are organised into individual packages. Each package is built for one purpose, but the functionality and purpose across functionality may be differ.

For the full documentation have a look at https://diggrtoolbox.readthedocs.io


This Software was tested with Python 3.5 and 3.6. There are no further requirements. diggrtoolboxes uses only packages and modules which are shipped with Python. Only exception: If you plan development on diggrtoolbox you need to have pytest to run the tests.


  • deepget: A small helper easing access to data in deeply nested dicts/list, by separating the definition of the route and actual call.
  • ZipSingleAccess: Allows access to a JSON document in a ZIP-File.
  • ZipMultiAccess: Allows access to a JSON document in a ZIP-File, where some parts of the original JSON document are separated into separate json documents. This eases the handling of large files, which otherwise would clog the RAM.
  • TreeExplore: Class to help exploring deeply nested dicts/lists/both. It provides various helpful display and search functions. It can help exploring raw dumps aquired from APIs on the internet. The search function returns a route-object which can be fed to deepget, in order to retrieve specific datasets.
  • treehash: Allows comparison of complex data structures by hashing it. It allows to compare deeply nested dicts/lists/both without having to compare its individual components.